Avtech Scientific maintains copyright on all ASL code and documentation it distributes, to be able to enforce the AGPL effectively, as advocated by the Free Software Foundation. Therefore, all contributions are conditional on the authors assigning joint ownership to Avtech Scientific in the contribution by signing the Avtech Scientific Contributor Agreement (ASCA). Contributing authors are duly acknowledged as a contributor in a release announcement that includes their contribution; details of their contribution(s) will be recognized through the commit log.


The ASCA gives Avtech Scientific and the contributor joint copyright interests in the code. The contributor retains copyrights while also granting those rights to Avtech Scientific as the ASL sponsor. The ASCA needs to be signed only once in order to cover all changes that might be contributed to any Avtech Scientific-sponsored open-source project.

The ASCA is based (merely names were changed and the license specified) on the well-known Oracle Contributor Agreement [mirror copy] that is used, among others, for MySQL contributions (hence OCA FAQ [mirror copy] applies also to ASCA).

Submitting the ASCA procedure

  1. Download the ASCA from here: http://asl.org.il/media/ASCA.pdf
  2. Print it
  3. Fill out and sign the form (do not forget to fill in the point 7 and provide your mailing address not only your e-mail address)
  4. Scan or photograph the paper
  5. Send the picture/PDF to asca [at] avtechscientific [dot] com with the following subject: “ASCA: your_first_name your_last_name, your_username (if applicable)” from the e-mail address you have mentioned in the agreement.

Remitting an ASCA

An ASCA can be remitted for acceptance by emailing a scanned/photographed, completed, signed copy to asca [at] avtechscientific [dot] com.

ASCA Acceptance

Only physically signed documents (the ASCA) or copies of physically signed documents will be accepted as binding agreements. Copies of physically signed documents include photographed or scanned copies of physically signed original documents. No electronically generated ‘signatures’ will be accepted.