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Multicomponent flow

Advanced Simulation Library (ASL) is a free and open source hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation platform (and an extensible general purpose tool for solving Partial Differential Equations). Its computational engine is written in OpenCL and utilizes matrix-free solution techniques which enable extraordinarily high performance, memory efficiency and deployability on a variety of massively parallel architectures, ranging from inexpensive FPGAs, DSPs and GPUs up to heterogeneous clusters and supercomputers. The engine is hidden entirely behind simple C++ classes, so that no OpenCL knowledge is required from application programmers. Mesh-free, immersed boundary approach allows one to move from CAD directly to simulation drastically reducing pre-processing efforts and amount of potential errors. ASL can be used to model various coupled physical and chemical phenomena and employed in a multitude of fields: computational fluid dynamics, virtual sensing, industrial process data validation and reconciliation, image-guided surgery, computer-aided engineering, design space exploration, crystallography, etc..

ASL is distributed under the free GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) with an optional commercial license. Professional consulting, training and integration services are provided by Avtech Scientific, whose team created and continues to extend the library. The company offers innovative R&D solutions and is involved in diverse academic and industrial collaborative projects dealing with complex multidisciplinary problems.


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